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Copyright © 2020 Theory Comics & Jennifer Swartwood The Ferrokin and all included characters. All rights reserved.

The Ferrokin

Real Name

Dr. Dominic Kaid

Other Aliases





6' 1"



Known Powers

Manipulation of the mass amounts of metal within his body.


Highly intelligent

Abnormal Strength

First Appearance

The Ferrokin Origin Part One (2015)

The Ferrokin / Dr. Dominic Kaid / Sampson
PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy
Dominic is heartbroken over the loss of his family and continues to work in the lab his father founded. When he is suddenly caught in the middle of a sabotaged lab. Unable to escape the lab, an explosion sets off and he is engulfed by molten metal. Those around him do all they can to save his life and his body adapts to an experimental therapy in a way never thought possible. 
More to come.