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Officer Adam Garcia


FBI Agent (Retired) Rick VanMeter


Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)
 Patrick Marques, US Army Special Forces


Disabling a bomb isn’t like you see in movies. In most combat situations, Improvised Explosive Devices (also known as an IED) are used. They’re generally either attached to a tripwire or connected to a cell phone trigger. Basic IEDs are fairly simple to disable. Usually, relieving the tension of the wire should disable the internal trigger. For the more intricate devices, there are radio frequency jamming devices that will disrupt the signal to the IED. Another device used is called an NIRF (Neutralizing Improvised Explosive Devices with Radio Frequency) that emits a high-frequency radio pulse. This pulse
deactivates the electronics within nearby IEDs.
(Braithwaite, 2016)