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The Ferrokin Origin Part One
The Ferrokin Origin Part Two
The Ferrokin Origin Part Three Digital
The Ferrokin - The Jade Book
The Ferrokin Nevermore Part One
The Ferrokin Nevermore Part Two



The Ferrokin is a Superhero, Syfy/mystery/thriller graphic novel series that is based on real science. The creator/writer/artist/researcher, Jennifer Swartwood-Walker, uses physicists, psychologists, biologists, molecular biologists, medical doctors, chemists, a retired FBI agent, forensic techs, former homicide detectives, and a retired US Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel to make sure it’s all as real as possible. You can read about the science in the back of the book and has no explicit content. It’s put in layman’s terms for younger audiences as it is often used as a teaching tool in schools.


In the first book, you see how our main hero gets his powers. He walks into a sabotaged lab, and a series of explosions go off. He’s hit with multiple forms of liquid metals and, knowing he won’t survive, the people around him give him highly experimental treatments in an attempt to save him. While in a coma, detectives are brought in to figure out why the explosion happened. They find that it wasn’t an accident, but it was meant for someone else. The man it was meant for is then found dead in an alley two days later. The detectives then follow the trail of breadcrumbs, left behind by the dead man, to uncover his murderer.


There are currently 6 books in the series. The first 4 books make the origin series, and books 5 and 6 make up the Nevermore series. The third series (starting at book 7) is in production with a projected release of 2024.