Jackson Alexander

Jackson Alexander - The Ferrokin

Real Name

Dr. Jackson Alexander

Other Aliases



Biologist for Kaid Research Center (KRC)


5' 10"


170 lbs

Known Powers



Highly intelligent

First Appearance

The Ferrokin Origin Part One (2015)

Dr. Jackson Alexander
Ph.D. in Molecular Biology
Jack has been a biologist at the Kaid Research Center since it opened. A friend of Dominic's father, he's doing all he can to help Dominic through his tragic loss. When Dominic is severely burned in the lab, Jack does all he can to save him. If it wasn't for him, Dominic would not have survived or have become the man he is now. 
Jack will do whatever is necessary to help The Ferrokin (Kaid) figure out how his body has adapted to the metal, even if that means running into a terrorist attack.