Real Name

Ruby Guplee

Other Aliases

The Creature





5' 10"


180 lbs

Known Powers



Hand to hand combat

Martial Arts

First Appearance

The Ferrokin Origin Part One (2015)


Jade - Psionide - The Ferrokin
Jade / Psionide / The Creature / Ruby Guplee

Jade was believed to be Scarlett Guplee but after the discovery of what's now known as "The Jade Book" 
It was discovered that she'd taken the identity of her sister, Scarlett, after her death at 8 years old. 

After years of abuse from her father and the death of her sister, Ruby killed her father and escaped. Her father is now being labeled as one of the deadliest serial killers in history. With more than 80 bodies having been discovered in amongst the bodies of Scarlett Guplee, Lucy Guplee, & Lian Xia.

Little is known about Jade. In a search of information, one woman was able to remember her encounter with her. But the encounter fractured her mind.

The next time she's truly seen was on the island by The Ferrokin. She's now known to high authorities after her attack on Kryter. 

She's now being held in a TOP SECRET facility and she hasn't spoken a word since she was taken from Kryter.