Patrick Dexlen

Patrick Dexlen - The Ferrokin

Real Name

Patrick Dexlen

Other Aliases



Head Detective for KCPD




190 lbs

Known Powers





First Appearance

The Ferrokin Origin Part One (2015)

Detective Patrick Dexlen
Head Detective at the Krytor County Police Department (KCPD)
Patrick has been with the KCPD for 6 years. He and his partner River are put on the case when the explosion in the lab is believed to be attempted murder. In their investigation, they find that the sabotage is connected to another homicide. 
After he receives a visit from the wife of the murdered man, she sets him into the conspiracy. After doing as much as he can with his partner Dt. .River Luken. He then finds himself on the island where The Ferrokin is taking on Jade. After an explosion created by The Ferrokin that leaves him and Jade unconscious, he gets The Ferrokin to safety without exposing what The Ferrokin can do.
With the help of Jack, Aiden, and The Ferrokin, they uncover how Jade may have got her power and how it's possible. 
But with the kidnap of Aiden, there's no time to test, and he leads the evacuation of Kryter before The Jaded attack.
He's now overseeing recovery efforts after the attack, while on medical leave after sustaining poisoning in the attack.