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The Raven has proven to be a hard serial killer to find - no witnesses, no connections between the victims. But they have finally found the pattern of victims and who the killer might be. But it wasn’t fast enough to save to the next kidnapping victim. With Aiden’s parents selected as the next victims, River, The Ferrokin, and M.O.S.I.S. are working against the clock before the worst happens.


With help from physicists, psychologists, biologists, MDs, chemists, former special forces, former FBI, a former homicide detective and forensic technicians, this series is as scientifically sound as a science fiction graphic novel can be. Information about the science used can be found in the back of the book.

Nevermore Part Two

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  • Interested in reading superhero graphic novels? Do you like when genres mix? Look no further. Our best-selling series features titles based on real science, so you'll feel like you're learning something at the same time!


    But don't worry, you don't have to read the science to understand the story!