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Aiden Rowe

Aiden Rowe | The Ferrokin

Real Name

Dr. Aiden Rowe

Other Aliases





5' 7"


150 lbs

Known Powers



Highly intelligent


First Appearance

The Ferrokin Origin Part One (2015)

Dr. Aiden Rowe
Ph.D. in Psychology

Finished all schooling at 24, Aiden has become an icon in his field. As a favor to Jack, a friend of his fathers, he agrees to help Dominic through the trauma of losing his family. But when he arrives Dominic is in an induced coma. He and Jack both work to understand what is happening to Dominic and try to help him understand that he is adapting. 

Through his help, Aiden is brought into the Jaded Conspiracy and becomes a target to Jade. In an effort to draw The Ferrokin to the center of the attack on Kryter, he is beaten and taken. 

After the capture of Jade, he's found alive strapped to IEDs. And with the help of one of The Jaded, he is set free.

Only now, his mind is struggling with what's happened to him.