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Dr. M. Suzanne Taylor Ph.D
Dr. Michael Greco Ph.D


To show that Dominic now has a magnetic field, Jack takes iron filings and pours them next to Dominic. This is a common test for magnetic fields. This is similar to sticking a magnet into the dirt and taking it out to see what has stuck. The video below by cstephenmurray is a video that demonstrates this test in more detail.



The faster a magnetic field turns, the stronger influence it has on an electric field. (What is Faraday’s Law, 2017)

A faraday cage is a metallic enclosure that prevents an electromagnetic field (electricity) from entry or escape. The structure can be as simple as a chain link fence or as precise as a metal mesh. These cages take the electricity put on them and distribute them around the exterior of the cage. This cancels out an electric charge or radiation that’s within the cage. (Nathan, 2016)

The video below from engineer775 Practical Preppers explains more on  the history of the Faraday Cage and how it works in more detail.